A women-centered collaborative space

that balances independent spirit with holistic well-being, championing a one-of-a-kind, work-life community.

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Modernwell is

An Inspired Co-Opportunity for Women

Whether you want to meet a friend, colleague, or client for a cup of coffee or tea; schedule a board meeting; listen to an inspiring speaker; or simply want to get out of your house or office to work on the novel you’ve always wanted to write or sit by the fire and read the book that has been on your night stand for months, ModernWell is your go-to oasis. Featuring open seating and private workspaces, wi-fi, coffee, tea, healthy food, private conference and consult rooms, yoga and ongoing enrichment classes, ModernWell is a space where women will be celebrated and supported both professionally and personally. Fostering a kind and inclusive community, we are unaffiliated with any religion or political party, welcoming all who believe in the power of women supporting women.

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ModernWell is thrilled to offer our warm and inviting space as a rental for all of your special events. Contact us for rates.

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9/25-11/13 Women’s Memoir Writing Class

Join award-winning author, teacher and editor Kate Hopper to explore memoir, unearth hidden truths and learn to write to the heart of your...


9/26-10/31 Fall Back Into Health with Group Coaching!

Join us starting in September for small group health and wellness coaching facilitated by Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches and fellow...


9/30 Dream Lab Vision Board Workshop

Join Annie Trimberger, Boss Babe of The Dream Lab, for a Vision Board workshop to inspire you to get out there and create your dream life.


10/9-11/13 A Smart Guide to Developing Story with Kate Vogl

Whether you’re writing fiction or memoir, join us for readings selected to inspire and writing exercises designed to help you crank up and crank...


10/24 Money, Decision-Making & Relationships with Sunrise Banks

We have it. We spend it. We save it. We want more of it. But why is it so hard to TALK about money and the important decisions we need to make...


10/26 Self-compassion as a Feminist Act

Enjoy an hour of mindful self-compassion– the radical act of acknowledging the present moment while embracing yourself with kindness. Practice...


10/28 - 11/18 A wildly fun live storytelling workshop {for Grades 5-8}

The Wildling workshop is dedicated to developing young storytellers—a vehicle for generating their powerful words and bringing them to a wider...


10/28 Early Mother Loss Workshop

The Early Mother Loss Workshop is open to adult women who have experienced the death of their mothers before the age of 21. This workshop is...


11/1 Finding Your Voice in Reinvention-An Evening of Connection and Communication

Join us for an evening of Connection and Conversation With:

Author and founder of ModernWell, Julie Burton

Founder of Queen Anna Boutique, Nicole...


12/6 Holiday Book Launch with Josie Lewis

Join us as we celebrate the launch of Josie Lewis’ new book The New Color Mixing Companion! Thursday, December 6th from 6:00-8:00pm.

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