6 Key Actions to Improve your Well-Being Today


As a Health and Wellness Coach, mother of 2 kids, and someone who, like many, finds myself working at home with kids full time during this uncertain and scary time, I am continually called to reflect upon and ensure I am taking care of my own well-being, and that of my family. These six actions and reflective questions can be instrumental in your ability to maintain and even improve your well-being during this time of crisis and beyond:

  • Bring Awareness to the Good

It would be unrealistic for me to tell you to simply “think positive” at a time like this. It’s not that easy, and to deny our difficult feelings can create even more stress. Humans have a strong negativity bias because our brains have evolved to focus on any potential danger for our own protection. However, there is immense power in positivity. When we can intentionally and consistently bring awareness to the good happening, we build our resilience and improve our ability to weather the storms. This doesn’t mean your more negative emotions are not valid and real. Rather, it is recognizing and validating all of your emotions AND choosing to shift your focus to what is going well.

Here are two simple exercises to try:

  • A Daily Gratitude Practice such as listing 3-5 things you are grateful for in the morning and night.

Think back to another uncertain, stressful time. What enabled you to get through it? What strengths of yours did you use? What worked then that you can apply today?

Reflection Question: What IS working right now?

  • Create SIMPLE Routines

Our brains like routines, habits, and predictability. None of which are happening right now. Rather than trying to create an entirely new routine, which might be overwhelming, create—or bring more awareness to—two or three simple routines throughout your day that you (and your brain) can count on. Maybe it’s the act of making and drinking your coffee. Other ideas could be eating lunch with your kids, dinner as a family, a daily walk, daily check-ins with your team, or a daily gratitude practice. Whatever it is, make these simple acts non-negotiable, and you’ll start to feel more settled in this new normal. 

Reflection Question: What parts of my day do I love and want to bring focus to?

  • Find Ways to Help 

The world inside our heads can feel small and claustrophobic in times of crisis. Finding ways to help ourselves and others can get us out of our heads, give us perspective, and help us feel like we are contributing in a meaningful way. Helping in any way can improve our well-being, from donating to an important cause, donating blood, sharing toilet paper, or staying home even when we’re dying to get out, to snuggling with our kids, helping them with school work, or calling a loved one who might need that connection. Notice the small ways in which you are helping every day.

Reflection Question: How did I help today?

  • Focus on your Sleep

Prioritizing good nutrition and consistent exercise are both extremely important to our overall well-being. However, sleep is the true foundation of wellness. It impacts everything from hormone regulation, emotional stability, and mental clarity, to food cravings and energy levels. Many of us are lacking sleep right now due to stress, which decreases our ability to mentally, emotionally, and physically handle our current reality. If you are not sleeping well now, consider trying a few of these tips below.

  • Brain dump before bed. Write out all that is on your mind to get it out of your head. 
  • Write what you are grateful for before bed to put your mind in a more relaxed state.
  • Be done with the devices at least 30 minutes before bed in exchange for something relaxing.
  • Use a meditation app like Calm or Headspace to calm the mind and body.
  • Notice how you feel when you do get a good night’s sleep.

Create great sleeping conditions with a dark, quiet, and cool (68 degrees or cooler) room.

Reflective Question: What will help me sleep better tonight?

  • Determine What You Need to Feel Well Today

I could give you a list of twenty more things to do to improve your wellness today or you could ask google and find a plethora of different advice. Most of you know the basics of wellness, but do you know what YOU need TODAY to feel more well? It’s likely different for everyone on any given day, especially in times like these. You may need to connect with a loved one, be in nature, take a nap, help a cause, focus on your nutrition, find 15 minutes of quiet, cry, or let something go. Only you know the answer. 

Reflective Question: What do I need to feel well today?

  • Intentionally Connect

Even the most introverted among us need human connection for our well-being. Right now it happens to be mostly virtual outside of the people in our homes. While we can’t physically be with our loved ones, this is the best time in human history to stay connected. Write a letter, send a text, call, and video chat. They’re all available to us! Schedule a virtual Happy Hour, brunch or game night with your favorite people. Sit across the street from your neighbor for a chat. Connection is at our fingertips. Make sure to use it.

Reflective Question: With whom do I need to connect to today?

My hope is that some or all of these tips will help you weather this current storm, and those in the future. Take care of yourself and others, as we are all in it together.

If you would like to connect with me to talk about additional strategies for elevating your health and well-being, I am offering a free 30-minute virtual coaching session. Email me at to learn more and schedule a time.

Be You. Be Well. 


Holly O’Hanlon has 15 years of corporate leadership experience, is a Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, and has a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching. Her passion is partnering with women to help them take leadership of their work, well-being, and lives through self-reflection and courageous action.  You can find Holly and her two businesses at:

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