Anita Moorjani Book Talk Event Recap


Sensitive is the New Strong

Book Talk Event with Anita Moorjani & Dr. Angela Anderson


ModernWell had the honor of hosting a compelling and inspiring book talk with best-selling author Ms. Anita Moorjani, regarding her new book “Sensitive is the New Strong: The Power of Empaths in an Increasingly Harsh World.” The conversation was led by another best-selling author and internationally certified executive advisor by Dr. Angela Anderson and left the attendees with a multitude of powerful take-aways that we are honored to share.


First and foremost, Anita emphasized that our culture’s idea of strong must be redefined. Strength is typically defined as being forceful and highly competitive. As a society, we tend to worship that type of “strength.” But as Anita suggests, that is not the only definition of what it means to be a strong individual. According to her testament, a strong person accepts themselves for who they are and is unapologetic for doing so. Being an empathetic person is often equated with being sensitive, which is often construed as weak. Oftentimes empaths feel as if they need to apologize for everything—their thoughts, feelings, words, actions—but in reality, their sensitivity IS their strength, and they do not need to apologize for any of it. 


In her book, Anita talks a lot about the Law of Attraction and how it doesn’t work for those who don’t love nor value themselves because they don’t truly believe that they deserve what it is they want. Once a person loves and values themself, they don’t have to think about the Law of Attraction because it happens naturally. New people and experiences will come on their own because of the awareness that’s been developed. Note that she isn’t saying that negative thoughts won’t ever enter the inner matrix, but she is rather informing the audience that accepting, understanding, and controlling those negative thoughts is a part of loving oneself. Dr. Anderson sums it up by saying we must own all parts of our journey—both the comfortable and the uncomfortable. 


In Anita’s book, she shares tools for new ways of thinking about being an empath. The first is to become aware. Recognize that being you are an empath and don’t judge yourself for being that type of person.


Empathetic people have a strong connection to their non-physical self. They are highly intuitive and can feel the energy of other people before they even speak. We are far more powerful beings than we are led to believe. Unfortunately, our culture deems anything non-physical to be “woo-woo” as Ms. Moorjani puts it, but having a 6th sense is a gift and can be used to support and help others. We, as humans, are only tapped into about 20% of what we actually are and empaths have sacrificed a large percentage of themselves to fit in and avoid being mocked.


The second tool Anita provides us with is to understand that your journey now is to love yourself unconditionally. Anita dives deeper into this by explaining the power that comes along with an empath loving themselves. 


Naturally, empaths find joy in giving and serving. So when they are thriving themselves, they are able to give so much more to other people. As an empathetic person, we find it difficult to differentiate the energy of other people from our own because we take on other people’s energy as our own and their issues seem just as big as ours. It is impossible to pour from an empty cup, so Anita strongly recommends that empaths find time to recharge their battery so that they can feed their energy to others. Recharging your battery means spending time shutting the outside world out. Connect with the source of your energy by going on a walk, spending time laying down listening to music, or hugging a tree. 


As Ms. Moorjani and Dr. Anderson concur, an empath’s job is to simply just be the light. Dr. Anderson advises us all to protect our peace, ensure our environment is supportive, and be intentional about who we choose to surround ourselves with. 


It was truly a fantastic conversation to hear these two women discuss this book. If you haven’t, you must read the book! It is linked here. Stay tuned for our next book talk. 


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