Introducing Founding ModernWell Member Juliana Junqueira Panetta—Lawyer, Mom & Community Connector


Whether she’s running into ModernWell while doing her makeup before hopping on a Zoom call or waving goodbye to everyone on her way out to go spend time with her kids, Juliana is the quintessential power woman with a heart of gold. She is always on the move, bursting with positive and contagious energy, and willing to offer kind words or brilliant advice to anyone who crosses her path. Juliana is one of our very first ModernWell members and she has lit up our space ever since. We are grateful to have her a part of our community, inspiring all of those around her. 

Born and raised in Brazil, she moved to the U.S. about 13 years ago. She earned her degree in Law from Hamline University in Saint Paul. Upon graduation, she immediately began her career as a lawyer working solely for in-house companies. Lucky for us, the planning firm she was working for, Future IQ, didn’t believe in offices. Since Juliana is very much a people person, she joined ModernWell so she would have an inspired space to work and also be a part of a community. From Future IQ, she moved to a role at Briggs & Morgan TAFT, working in Commercial Real Estate Law downtown at the IDS Center. While she was successful at her job, it didn’t allow for her to be her most genuine, giving, personable self. So, she decided to transition to the minority-owned, woman-owned law firm Sapientia Law Group, and resumed working at ModernWell when her office was shut down at the start of the pandemic

Juliana appreciates the opportunity to genuinely connect with and care about her clients at Sapientia, where she serves as a lawyer for many different companies—helping them set up their business, handling contracts, certifications, copyrights, and trademarks, as well as guiding them in selling their business to investors. 

In addition to her full-time career as a lawyer, Juliana has created a group to support Brazilian women who are new to Minnesota. Originally, her group consisted of only 20 women but has grown to over 260 members over the past two years! Within this main group, there are subgroups such as cooking, cleaning, and professional services. This group has helped women immediately make connections and relationships with one another. It’s a great resource for women who are new to the state.

So with her legal work, her involvement in serving the community, mothering her three kids alongside her husband, Julianna’s life is very full and she is busy making a huge difference in a lot of people’s lives! If you’d like to learn more about Juliana, you can find information here and if you have any legal needs for your business, we couldn’t recommend her more!

2909 South Wayzata Boulevard,
Minneapolis, MN 55405 763-999-7920

Hours: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm Monday thru Friday