ModernWell Member Spotlight with Judy Victor


“It is my own personal mission to inspire and infuse life and energy into everything I do and everyone I come into contact with. “

It’s been ten years since Judy Victor joined a group of women that were setting out to inspire women to change the world. Her deep connections with her Jewish faith, values, love for Israel and over two decades of experience in customer service, education and marketing brought her to Momentum (formerly JWRP)— the first ever Jewish lifestyle network for women.

ModernWell has been Judy’s home away from home since before its grand opening. During a tour with Julie Burton during its early stages of construction, Judy knew it just was the place for her.

“Being at ModernWell has allowed my brain to have the space to be creative. I walk in every day and the vibe is warm, inviting, inclusive and drama free.” For Judy, this plays a huge part in a psychologically-healthy work environment. “When there is disharmony, one can’t be as productive and effective.”

As for many other ModernWell members, Judy has found professional and personal success within the community. “I am able to collaborate with other women here if I am stuck on a project or need an opinion, but also can put my head down and just work.”

“I have a very hard time going to bed because I don’t want to stop working.” Sound familiar to you? Judy has found the same difficulties logging off due to her immense passion for what she does. “I LOVE what I do, but when my head does finally hit the pillow, I’m out in about 37 seconds.”

Though she might not get to sleep as early as she’d like, what gets her going in the morning is the same every single day. “I wake up every morning grateful first, for actually waking up. I don’t take it for granted. I say a prayer that thanks God for returning my soul to me. If the Creator of the universe gave me another day to live, I feel it is my responsibility to bring my whole self to the table in anything I do. Whether it’s work or with my family and friends.

I also am so blessed to have the ability to be a part of transforming lives every single day.”

“We have inspired a transformation that has impacted mothers, fathers, families, and communities. On our 10th anniversary, we, too, have begun a transformation,” says Judy. On May 20, JWRP unveiled its transformation.

JWRP is now Momentum.

“We have chosen a new name that encapsulates the people we impact and the feelings that our movement has infused in our sisters’ lives,” said Judy. “We believe that our new name has the potential to impact even more Jewish mothers around the world.”

Like many other members at ModernWell, Judy feels called to continue on her personal journey and her professional journey with Momentum. “It is my own personal mission to inspire and infuse life and energy into everything I do and everyone I come into contact with.”

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