Member Spotlight: Deanna Kallin with Full Abundance Boutique


Deanna Kallin is a beloved ModernWell member and owner of Full Abundance Boutique, an online store that “creates one of a kind jewelry pieces for one of a kind women, celebrating our unique beauty.”

Several years ago during the Holiday Season, Deanna crafted handmade jewelry gifts for her loved ones. These creative, handmade gifts developed into a huge passion and she’s been making jewelry ever since. “As a single mom, I’ve always been a gift giver and loved giving gifts so I began making my own gifts as I couldn’t afford to buy all of my gifts. One year I picked jewelry as the gift I would give my family and then I fell in love with the art of jewelry making.” She started making and selling jewelry for weddings, birthdays, and daily wear and fell in love with it. Yet, it wasn’t until years later that she turned her passion into a business. 

After watching a good friend of hers go through a dark season of depression and attempt of suicide, Deanna was troubled by the fact of how many women don’t realize their worth. She turned to her jewelry and developed Deo est, a bespoke jewelry line that features vintage items with a story to tell. Deanna created a movement that reaches out to struggling women and gives them something simple and beautiful to remind them that they are special, noticed, and cared for. Deanna sought jewelry as a new way to celebrate every woman’s individuality and beauty despite their pasts and differences. “By wearing my one-of-a-kind designs, my hope is that each woman will feel that it was designed just for her, that time and attention was paid to every detail because she deserves the best.” In addition to her signature pieces, Deanna has been creating one of a kind jewelry and other custom work for years. She loves collaborating with her customers and creating special pieces personal to them. 

In 2018, Deanna discovered the “Breaking Free” organization at a march during the Super Bowl in Minnesota. Breaking Free is a social justice and change non-profit organization that helps hundreds of women escape systems of prostitution and sexual exploitation every year. Located in St. Paul, this organization consists of courageous women who have received freedom from sex-trafficking and are in programs to receive support and help. She instantly wanted to work with them and the incredible women who are a part of their programs. One way she got connected was through jewelry making. Deanna came up with the idea of teaching a weekly jewelry class to the women in the Breaking Free programs, now held on Thursday mornings. All items made in class are from donated jewelry pieces. “They find it very helpful and stress-relieving to get their minds off of hard things and focus on something more joyful for a couple hours. I am helping them now to create their own designs and sell to support themselves financially. It is really exciting to watch the results of the joy and pride these women experience when people purchase their own jewelers.” Additionally, 100% of profits from each designer-made piece goes back to the woman who made it.

Deanna’s hope is to provide more employment opportunities to the survivors of sex trafficking by having them help her create jewelry kits for events. Eventually, Deanna dreams of owning her own brick and mortar boutique where she can employ women who are a part of the Breaking Free programs. Sex Trafficking is a worldwide problem and one of her visions is to bring survivors and the community together to learn from each other and integrate the survivors back into society with jobs they will enjoy and feel good about. 

In addition to running her business, Deanna is a mom to her beautiful daughter, Haley, and  works in interior design. Although her passion lies in motherhood, jewelry making and Breaking Free, Deanna has enjoyed her job as an interior designer too. “I love helping people put together a space that helps them develop their style that works for their space, family and tells their story. She really enjoys working with her clients and helping them to create a space they love and enjoy.”

On being a single mom, Deanna shared how her daughter is the biggest blessing of her life. “I have loved being a mom and I am very lucky to have a very supportive family who have been very helpful. It’s been so fun to watch her develop into who she is and I wouldn’t trade all those hard years for anything. Haley is almost 27 and one of my best friends. She is very strong, independent, entrepreneurial and full of life.”

ModernWell has played a role in Deanna’s life as well and we are so fortunate to know her! “I always used to drive by ModernWell but had never been in until I met Becca Erickson (another ModernWell member) at ModernWell one day. I was taken by the overall fresh inviting energy, vibe and life of the space. I signed a year lease pretty quickly after and it’s been a great space to meet with clients, display my jewelry, be amongst a meaningful group of women and have that constant sense of built in support. It’s very motivating for me and really lifts my spirits to be able to come here.” Full Abundance Boutique was one of our vendors at our 2019 Holiday Market Shop where Deanne sold and displayed her beautiful jewelry creations in her private office that she holds in our space!

On August 13th from 6:00-8:00pm, Deanna will be hosting a Jewelry making party event here at ModernWell. Stay tuned for more information and sign up details if you’re interested. At the workshop, we will be creating “Ark” (Act of Random Kindness) bracelets as a reminder that we are all unique and special. Come in and learn how to make pretty and creative bracelets taught by Deanna herself. The bracelets will consist of raw rubies and all materials will be provided. Each attendee will walk away with one bracelet for themself and one to give away. The heart behind the event and creation of these bracelets is to give one away to a woman you know who is struggling emotionally and hopefully brighten their day as a result!


If you would like to learn more about the non-profit Breaking Free Organization, you can visit their Website: 

If you are interested in donating directly to the organization or the Thursday morning jewelry classes, reach out to Deanna directly at

Additionally, you can follow Deanna and visit Full Abundance Boutique online:

Instagram: @deoestdesigns


2909 South Wayzata Boulevard,
Minneapolis, MN 55405 763-999-7920

Hours: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm Monday thru Friday