Member Spotlight Featuring Ashlee Ciora


Ashlee Ciora is the definition of a Renaissance woman. After being laid off from her corporate job in April 2020 due to the pandemic, Ashlee packed up her life on the West Coast and moved back to Minnesota to create Women on Fairways. Her company requires her to be fluent in the language of business, including everything from social media to writing to accounting. 

Ashlee’s company, Women on Fairways, is a full-service travel company that primarily focuses on experiential golf trips for women who are looking to travel both domestically and internationally. The company also helps their clients plan family vacations, celebration trips, couples vacations, and in the words of Ashlee, anything that their clients are interested in regarding travel! 

Women on Fairways was launched in November 2020, in both the Midwest and the West Coast, as Ashlee has a business partner in California, where they divide and conquer their day-to-day tasks. When looking for travel and working with Ashlee’s company, you can expect to experience their full knowledge on where to visit, where to stay, and everything you’d need to know about flying. Given the pandemic, Ashlee and her team are continuously staying up-to-date on Covid precautions and different country’s current regulations.

Given Ashlee’s field of work and the pandemic, she finds the “everyday wins” of her job the most rewarding. According to Ashlee, these wins include first launching her website, taking calls from potential clients, opening a business checking account, and even being featured in various articles! Ashlee stated that being forced into more downtime during the beginning of the pandemic allowed her to figure out her next steps, and, according to Ashlee, “it was the best thing that happened to her.” 

Ashlee was introduced to ModernWell by a friend, who knew it would make for a great workspace for her. Ashlee toured the space on this year’s past International Women’s Day and joined the very next day! ModernWell is a natural fit for Ashlee, as she has always been a part of an office setting, so working from home didn’t work well for her business. Ashlee said that she loves the concept of knowing that she is around other women entrepreneurs and business owners. Due to being relatively new in the field of entrepreneurship, ModernWell has served as a great place for Ashlee to connect with others and help build a community. 

The Newport Beach native is not only well-versed in the business aspect of travel, but Ashlee herself has lived in various parts of the country and traveled around the world for her previous jobs. Ashlee moved to the Twin Cities from California when she was in first grade and lived here up until she graduated from Wayzata High School. Upon graduation, Ashlee attended Arizona State University and spent the next few decades living in Scottsdale, Palm Springs, and Los Angeles, before moving to Medina, Minnesota. 

One of Ashlee’s favorite aspects of her job is the relationships she has built within Women on Fairways, as well as throughout her career in the travel and hospitality industry, which has spanned over twenty years. According to Ashlee, these relationships she has fostered have been essential in supporting her in her new venture. Aside from this, one of Ashlee’s biggest hurdles regarding her job is time. Ashlee’s strategy when approaching a day’s work is designating a day to a specific theme, such as one day being solely for social media and another for finances. Through her work ethic, strategy, and involvement with ModernWell, makes it easier to stay focused and get more done! 

2909 South Wayzata Boulevard,
Minneapolis, MN 55405 763-999-7920

Hours: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm Monday thru Friday