Member Spotlight featuring Ellie Abrams

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Ellie Abrams is a performing powerhouse. When Ellie started in the acting field, she had no idea her talents would manifest into a consultant business of its own. Having known the acting business throughout her career, Ellie takes on the careers of others, as she works to mentor aspiring actors in Minneapolis and Los Angeles, alike. 

Having attended some of the top acting schools in Minnesota, along with various schools on the West Coast, Ellie knows her stuff. Aside from working in front of the camera, Ellie has worked as a director, independent acting coach for adult and child actors, and led various workshops within the field, which have aimed to get actors comfortable in front of the camera. What Ellie loves most about her job is that her days are ever-changing and she often ends her day having learned something new. 

According to Ellie, she loves working with beginners in the field, strives to help actors build confidence, the freedom to express themselves, and fosters connections between them to help them pursue their dreams. When introducing new talent to the industry, Ellie’s artistic process includes asking clients what their hopes are, two things they are proud of, and two small achievable goals they can pursue in a week of work. In the words of Ellie, “Achieving small tasks can turn into big opportunities.” In addition, Ellie has worked a part of various campaigns, including some popular names, such as Disney,, Nissan, Cartoon Network, and Major League Baseball. 

Ellie joined ModernWell in December 2018, making her one of the founding members –  she has cherished the community and environment ever since! Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Ellie’s time at ModernWell was very limited due to her underlying health condition, but her absence motivated her to experiment with her business, as she held acting workshops over Zoom for the first time. According to Ellie, just being away from ModernWell and its community took a toll on her. One thing that helped her and her business get through the struggles of the pandemic were to look forward to when she could come back to ModernWell once again. 

For Ellie, ModernWell’s uplifting and positive community has helped her and her business flourish, in more ways than one. Before the pandemic (and now after!) Ellie has brought her clients to ModernWell to visit the space and hold meetings. According to Ellie, it is the perfect professional spot to bring her business to, has helped her create new and expand upon her creative endeavors, and even has given her courage when it comes to pursuing her work. Ellie describes ModernWell as a “peaceful, inspiring, and motivating” atmosphere. 

If you are looking to get out of your comfort zone and try something new, stay tuned for Ellie’s  upcoming event in September at ModernWell! You won’t want to miss her expertise in person! 


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