Member Spotlight Featuring Lynn Langit


Despite the highs and lows throughout the past year, for Lynn Langit, one thing remains the same: her passion for her work.

Lynn owns her own Cloud consulting company, in which she works to create Cloud architecture and programming, as well as computer coding. Lynn works with teams around the world, adjusting to working on other people’s schedules, as she is often in different time zones than her clients. Given the uncertainty of some of her workdays, every day is different for Lynn! 

As a result of the pandemic, Lynn has begun collaborating with genomic researchers, in which they work on Covid-related issues and beyond. During the early stages of Covid’s presence in the U.S., Lynn got quite ill from the virus, but fortunately has now made a full recovery! On a more professional note, having to support the data analysis on a scale for Covid researchers has kept Lynn and her team busier than ever! 

Given the line of work Lynn is in, it is not always easy. One of the biggest challenges that Lynn faces in her work and within her company is trying to find the right balance of projects and clients. According to Lynn, sometimes she even feels like she takes on too many contracts at one time! Despite the challenges she faces, one aspect of her career that she finds most rewarding is her ability to support the research being done around improving overall human health!

On a more personal note, Lynn is from West Fargo, North Dakota, and graduated high school from her hometown. From there, she went on to attend and graduated from Moorhead State, with a degree in the German Language. Currently, Lynn lives in Minneapolis’ North Loop, and in her free time, you can catch her riding her bike! 

Lynn joined ModernWell in June of 2021 and has already found her groove within the community at ModernWell. According to Lynn, she has found the environment at ModernWell to be “warm, friendly, and inviting!” Some of her favorite parts about the space are the natural light from the floor to ceiling windows, the plants, furnishings, and the refreshing, white backdrop of the building. Lynn even went as far as to say that she feels at home at ModernWell. Lynn wants to say thank you to everyone who makes ModernWell an ideal space to create, work and just “be!”

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