Member Spotlight featuring the Pop Culture Preservation Society


In a constantly evolving world, the Pop Culture Preservation Society’s podcast turns back time, as the Preservationists discuss the 70s and Gen X everything from books and movies to retro heartthrobs.

The Preservationists, and self-described “enthusiastic fangirls,” Carolyn Cochrane, Kristin Nilsen, and Michelle Newman tackle the topic of how having shared experiences during their youth creates a sense of connectedness throughout life and how 70s nostalgia is more important than ever these days.

The members of the Preservation Society are of ModernWell founding members and met through the Twin Cities Writing Studio (now known as the ModernWell Writing Studio). According to Kristin, one of the fundamental aspects of being a writer is being immersed in a supportive and creative community which makes their work stronger and more fulfilling. For them, ModernWell does just that. The trio noted that they depend on the people around them for encouragement, inspiration and connections, making ModernWell a great spot for them.

In addition to their podcast, the Preservationists connect with their audience through their blog posts on their website and their heavy presence on social media. Their Instagram not only highlights and recaps published podcasts but connects with their listeners through “Flashback Friday” posts, behind-the-scenes looks into their filming process and reflects upon life and growing up in the 70s and 80s.

The trio’s podcast originally sparked from a conversation in August 2020, when the three FaceTimed for hours discussing all things 70s. According to one of Michelle’s blog posts, after the call, Carolyn decided that she would start the podcast where the three would talk about the same topics. Fast forward to present day, their podcasts are available to be streamed on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts as of December 2020 (not to mention they managed to plan, produce and promote the bulk of their first season without seeing each other in person, due to the pandemic!). And in May of 2021, the Pop Culture Preservations Society Podcast hit a huge milestone of 10,000 downloads! 

In addition to their successes with their podcast, Carolyn, Kristin and Michelle all have created their own achievements in their individual careers.

Carolyn is a former English teacher, turned writer, and founder of Jotted Lines, a notecard company that works to preserve the art of handwritten notes and card sending. Kristin is a children’s book author, co-writer of the blog “My Celebrity Crush Story,” and previously worked as a librarian. Within the podcast, Kristin serves as the resident “Pro-Crushologist.” Michelle works as a freelance writer and blogger for her blog, “You’re My Favorite Today,” as well as for various online publications, including Grown & Flown and The Girlfriend.

According to Kristin, one of the challenges she and her partners have had to overcome is acquiring an entirely new skill set in their fifties. In the beginning stages of the podcast, the three did not know much about the craft of recording, editing, and posting a podcast. Another skill Kristin, Carolyn, and Michelle had to learn was not only maintaining a social media presence, but managing a social media strategy.

Given their determination to bring conversations surrounding the 70s and 80s back to life, the Preservationists are putting their passion to work and seeing the fruit of their labor. In addition to the fun and laughs they experience as a team throughout their creative process, one of the best aspects of starting their podcast has been their superfans who contribute to the conversation on a daily basis. The trio receives pictures, stories and more from their audience who want to be in on the fun and who have felt validated by their podcast.

If you are a child of the 70s and the 80s – or even an old soul—this is the podcast for you. The Pop Culture Preservation Society’s podcast builds a bridge between those who have shared childhood experiences and will instantly provide a bit of levity, which everyone can use! 

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Hours: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm Monday thru Friday