Member Spotlight: Feel Fabulous with Fabiana!


Fabiana has an aura that just fills the room with positive energy. It only takes one conversation with her to understand why she is so successful in what she does. Her passion for helping others find their self-love to live their best lives is one of her most admirable characteristics. She is a brain/life coach, author, mother and inspiration to all. 

Fabiana is originally from Brazil and moved to New York about 20 years ago. She spent 10 years there before moving to Minnesota. Fabiana found her way to ModernWell through another member about two years ago and has been a part of our community ever since. For her, ModernWell has provided her with a sense of community, new connections, and networking opportunities. Prior to the pandemic, ModernWell was her place for meeting clients and hosting workshops. 

After working in the financial market for nearly 20 years and a major life change, she began sharing uplifting and hopeful content on her Instagram in hopes of inspiring and empowering other women also going through major life transitions and she did just that. After some time, her followers began to ask her if she was a life coach or if she had ever considered pursuing a career as a life coach. Seeing the demand, Fabiana went through training to get her certification to become a life coach and launched Feel Fabulous by Fabiana

What differentiates Fabiana from other life coaches is that she has taken cognitive neuroscience courses through Yale to use science as an explanation for human behavior, then uses that science to change it. Fabiana explains that the human brain is just like a hard drive and once you are aware of your negative thoughts, it becomes a lot easier to manage them. A lot of the thoughts that we have are actually just patterns from our past, so Fabiana gets to know her clients to discover why they think the way they do. Fabiana is currently doing one-on-one coaching and is looking forward to continuing workshops and speaking engagements as well as group coaching.

In her free time, she enjoys dancing with her husband and spending time with her teenage daughter, who actually writes and sings her own songs- including opera! Fabiana is passionate about fashion, fitness, and health. She is also a writer and has written a book, Feel Fabulous by Fabiana, in which she reaches women with messages of self-awareness, self-love, partnering and relationships, and ways to develop healthy habits. 

If you’re feeling ready to take control of your life and create your own happiness, connect with Fabiana here

2909 South Wayzata Boulevard,
Minneapolis, MN 55405 763-999-7920

Hours: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm Monday thru Friday