ModernWell Member Spotlight: Gail Tully + Spinning Babies


Not everyone knows their destiny until they’ve done the research to find it. At least, that was
the case for ModernWell member, Gail Tully.

Having been an acting doula and assisting midwives for several years, Gail found her calling
in the late ‘80s after working with a pregnant woman who was seeking a natural birth after
having a cesarean for her previous child. Gail recalls that by the second night of labor (yes…
SECOND night…) she found herself bewildered. “She did eventually push out her baby. And
I immediately began a quest for understanding how birth is affected by a baby’s position in
the womb,” Gail said.

Shortly after, Spinning Babies ® was born.

“In the 30-plus years since [that second night of labor], the world of birth professionals have
reduced unnecessary cesareans and reduced labor time and pain with the answers I’ve
collected. Soon, I created a new approach to helping childbirth.”

Spinning Babies ® was developed to help teach every expecting mother that the release of
their baby can be as natural as the release of hormones. Through her research, Gail has found
that self-care and specific body activities restore body balance, which makes room for the
baby. Spinning Babies ® teach that birth can be achieved through physiological release rather
than a mechanical manipulation or force.

Spinning Babies ® has become “an approach used around the world to add comfort in
pregnancy and ease during childbirth.” Parents are taught how to prepare for the birth of
their child using simple, daily activities they can practice alone or with a partner to release the
effects modern life has on their muscles.

Spinning Babies® offers a new paradigm to birth professionals. More than any other method,
doctors, nurses, and midwives have learned to see birth in an entirely new way. Free
education can be found online for parents and providers to learn enough to help provide
immediate pregnancy comfort!

Even with all her success, at her core, Gail is still driven to help. With a book in the works, she
finds herself blaming herself for taking so long to find her calling. “Birth complications do
happen and I can help,” says Gail. “I must meet my maker and account for my procrastination and lapse in attention as another day of births occur before my book is published.”

As is the case for many entrepreneurs, Gail hasn’t experienced such success without struggle
along the way. She started as a midwife in a small homebirth practice with zero business
experience. As soon as she began sharing her ideas and information online, Gail found her
4 of 8 business growing beyond her own capacity. Her clientele went international and she found herself needing a team of contractors to help teach her work around the world. Gail had to learn how to lead on the fly. Without any experience on how to manage a team (let alone an international team of independent contractors), Gail has found her personal identity transforming as she stepped into her new role and grow from having a small voice in a small birth sub-culture to someone who is asked to speak to medical professionals in hospitals as a voice of experience.

“After repeated experiences of midwives and doctors saying things like, ‘I’ve been doing this (20, 30, even 40 years), why didn’t I know this?’ They were able to take our workshop and avoid many of the cesareans once done for long labor, extreme pain, or positions from which the baby couldn’t fit the pelvis. The results have spoken for themselves loud enough that I came to believe in myself.”

ModernWell has also played a role in Gail’s personal and professional transformation. Gail joined ModernWell in September 2018 and in less than one year has found ModernWell members to be a spring of confidence and knowledge. “I don’t speak with most, but their intent positivity lifts the spirit… The setting is exciting and the momentum of so many women business owners inspires tremendously!”

There is never a slow day for the Spinning Babies® team and Gail credits ModernWell with accommodating that pace and encouraging their growth. “Julie Burton, Laura, her right arm, and the staff at ModernWell welcome me with such warmth that I want to come back the next day. We have a lot going on including lots of meetings and ModernWell has been very accommodating. We even have had a couple Spinning Babies events here. I don’t have to fuss about office cleaning or repairs, they make everything easy for our team. We are focused on what we must do to meet our customer needs while ModernWell is graciously meeting ours!”

“I invite my ModernWell Sisters to come say hello. I also invite us all to give Julie, Laura, and the staff hugs and hellos! They work hard for us and make it seem like they are only having fun!”

Follow the Spinning Babies® journey online:

2909 South Wayzata Boulevard,
Minneapolis, MN 55405 763-999-7920

Hours: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm Monday thru Friday