ModernWell Members Answer Two Looming Questions: Why Co-Working and Why Women-Only?


While women-centered spaces like The Wing and The Riveter are taking off on the coasts, the brilliant and talented women of Minnesota are warming up to the ModernWell co-working meets wellness concept as we find answers to these two important questions:


First, why do we need to brave the Minnesota cold and head to ModernWell when nearly every detail of our day-to-day lives can be accomplished on our phone, tablet, or computer while sitting at our cozy kitchen table or office desk?


And secondly, why the female-only focus?


As humans, we are wired for interconnection. But with the rapid evolution of technology, face-to-face interaction too often falls by the wayside while rates of loneliness and isolation soar.


ModernWell was created with a conviction for community. It gives freelancers, part-timers, and independent contractors the opportunity to engage in a shared workspace where they can work both independently or collaboratively. And it gives full-time professionals and corporate executives a safe, comfortable, inspired place outside of their office and home to carve out time for themselves to explore, connect, and renew.


And there is proof in the pudding. We went straight to the source—the ModernWell members—to find out their answers to these looming questions:


“It does take some extra effort to pack my work for the day, but I’ve been more productive in one day at ModernWell than I have been in a week at home,” says Renee Powers, host of the podcast Wild Cozy Truth, feminist life coach, and PhD candidate. “Within a week, I’d already made friends and professional connections that I know will flourish into something professionally and personally fulfilling. The sense of community at ModernWell was instant.”


“There are no Nerf guns or dirty socks strewn on the floor at ModernWell,” says Jen Jones, who runs a marketing firm called Whip-Smart. “It is a delight to walk in the ModernWell door every day and be welcomed so warmly. There are already so many familiar faces, and I’m excited to meet more members. And there’s yoga! And healthy snacks! And no laundry competing for my attention. It’s lovely.”


“Having a designated spot to go to transforms my day and my schedule so it has purpose and meaning,” says Betsy Conway, homemaker, freelance writer, and aspiring novelist. “ It’s crucial for me to step out of my comfort zone into a well of new opportunities.”


Okay, great! But why women only? Why is it important for women to carve out their own space to meet, work, talk, and network?


“Simply put—empowered women empower women,” says Jennifer Cramer-Miller, writer and custom home and marketing communications consultant. “The specificity of women members allows ModernWell to clearly focus its events, programs, and classes. This supportive sisterhood fosters a go-to haven of productive and personal enrichment.”


Our spaces aren’t given the same level of respect – have you ever heard of a “woman cave?” says Kristin Nilsen. When women come together in celebration and support, a powerful force is unleashed. Our voices are amplified. We all become better people. And we set the world on fire.”


“I attended a women’s college and experienced firsthand everything that a women’s-only space can provide,” says Renee Powers. “Not only is it inherently empowering to have a space of your own, but a space for women only encourages women to do their best work, increases confidence, and cultivates a sense of sisterhood, which I believe is sorely missing in our modern work environments.”


”It’s an excellent example for our daughters to see their mothers taking care of themselves–mentally, spiritually and physically. What better wellness than a well of women working alongside one another?” says Betsy Conway.


“It’s magical to be in a space created by women, designed by women, and made for women,” says Jen Jones.


Clearly, the magic of community is in full force at ModernWell. We’d love for you to join us! Membership and programming information is available at ModernWell.Co.

2909 South Wayzata Boulevard,
Minneapolis, MN 55405 763-999-7920

Hours: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm Monday thru Friday