Navigating the Components of Self-Compassion


After discovering Brene Brown a few years back, I decided that I would be more aware of how I talk to myself. Oftentimes, I caught my internal dialogue to be full of shame, doubt and comparison. Though, that’s not to say I didn’t have moments of encouragement and contentment, but the more mindful I became of my internal dialogue, the more I leaned towards a constructive mindset. The Virtual Courage & Coffee workshop led by The Daring Venture team, Molly Peterson, MA, PCC, Jennifer Peterson, PhD, PCC and Holly O’Hanlon, NBC-HWC was an intimate reminder that many of us are alike in the ongoing learning of how to navigate these emotions and habits.

We focused on the three components of Self-Compassion by Kristen Neff, which are Common Humanity, Mindfulness and Self-Kindness. We broke into small groups, answering the questions of “When something goes wrong, what does your internal voice sound like?”, “Is it critical or supportive?”, “Whose voice is it and where else does it show up in your life?”. As we discussed our answers as a large group, common humanity showed up to remind me that I was not alone. Taking note of what was happening in the surrounding environment and how it affected ourselves, we paused and reflected – figuring out how to reframe our mindset and find a mantra to move forward with.

I discovered that I often find myself replaying events that I can no longer change. This could be as minuscule as the casual conversation I had with an acquaintance or as large as the decisions I’ve made regarding major life events. As I catch myself in this downward spiral of thoughts that can no longer impact me in a positive way, I try my best to live by my mantra, “I am at peace with every action I take”. I’ve found this to be applicable and relatable to just about everything in my life. At the end of the day, I know I can let go of any negative internal thoughts and instead, embody the components of self-compassion to live a more healthy life.

The Daring Venture is a group of courageous women who are Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitators. They create a safe space for individuals, leaders and teams to dive into familiar feelings that we deal with everyday. Join them on their journey of how to show up to live and lead more fully this Wednesday, 8/19 at their next workshop.

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