Recap: Truth Bomb SEO Workshop with Julia Gordeeva

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In a society where Google is the main source of information, every business owner wants their website to appear at the top of the Google search listing for their industry, product or service. But after creating a website and posting content to social media accounts, most businesses still fall flat of gaining that top spot on the list or even appearing on the first few pages of the Google search. Why is your website or social media accounts buried in the hundreds of other companies in your industry?

Enter the world of SEO.

There is a lot of buzz around search engine optimization (or SEO as many call it), but how important is it to really understand its meaning, implications and benefits when creating a website and content for your business?

A mixture of authors, clothing-store owners, marketing agency executives and operations directors gathered to learn all things SEO from ModernWell member Julia Gordeeva, founder of WorkMatix SEO Consulting and marketer with over 12 years of search engine marketing know-how experience. What did we learn? We took three of our favorite insights and practical tips from Julia’s workshop to share with you!

It’s all in the keywords

Keywords serve as a content creation road map and are the foundation of SEO. These words are tie between what your audience is searching for and the content you are providing to fill that need. The goal of SEO is to raise your search engine ranking by driving organic traffic to your site so you need to identify what your audience is searching for and include those words in you messaging across all channels. Take some time to think about who you are creating content for and what those customers are interested in and searching for when looking for your product or service. Once you identify the content your audience is searching for, consistently use those words in your copy on your website and social platforms to drive your audience to your content.

Holistic identity is crucial

Most businesses and professionals use multiple channels to interact with audiences and each of those channels should convey a consistent message with up-to-date information. Did your business move locations? Did you go through a rebrand and change your business name or description? Make sure that all general information is up-to-date across all channels to ensure that customers receive the most accurate information.

Take advantage of Google’s free business resources 

Google has several services that are free with a Google account and allow users to access valuable assets and information to help increase exposure. Arguably the most important service for businesses in regard to exposure is Google My Business, which is Google’s business profile service that gives owners the ability to control what shows in the search results for their business. Keeping this profile up-to-date with accurate name, address, business hours, images and customer reviews is essential to Google prioritizing your business over others in the same location and industry. Other free Google resources include Google Analytics, which tracks and reports website traffic so you can analyze the visitors who are visiting your website and create a strategy grounded in data, and Google Search Console, which tracks keywords and see what is converting for your business.


So when can you learn more about the importance of SEO, how Google search work and the social platform you should pay attention to when utilizing SEO for your business (hint – it is not what you think!)? Click here to join Julia at ModernWell on Thursday, October 3 for an introductory workshop or dive deeper into your business’s audience through Google Analytics on October 30 here!

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