Seane Corn – Revolution of the Soul (Event Recap)


Wow. We are still amazed at the energy Seane Corn brought into our space during her visit to Minneapolis. Some women drove five+ hours to be here and we enjoyed seeing all the beautiful, excited attendees – a combination of both new faces and some of our beloved members! Seane is an Internationally acclaimed yoga teacher, public speaker and social activist and she sat down with us for an armchair discussion on her book Revolution of the Soul: awaken to love through raw truth, radical healing and conscious action.  Seane shared passages from her book, answered questions from the audience and told impactful stories from her life and things she has learned along the journey.

Seane’s book is divided into two parts. The first part, The Evolution of the Soul is a narrative of her personal, transformative journey in her early 20’s. Seane shares her story of knowing God, processing through different experiences and understanding her own trauma. The second part, The Revolution of the Soul narrates her current experience with spirituality. Seane shares the skills she’s learned and how she uses them to be her best self. She talks about the importance of showing up in the world to create social change, show love, and practice forgiveness. Her hope is to help dismantle the narratives that are imprinted within us so we can break barriers and unite as people.

The writing process took about three and a half years for Seane and was filled with significant growth. During that time, she took a break from teaching in order to document and speak truth in writing. Seane admits the process was not easy. She prepared to experience potential backlash about speaking her truth and had to work through the discomfort of no longer finding her identity in “showing up for work”. Initially she felt she was letting someone down or being inadequate by not “going to a job”. Looking back, Seane expressed it was extremely healing to process through the lies and embrace the truth of what defines her identity. She admitted that the hardest part was documenting the stories she always told in past tense and write them in present tense.

“When we can forgive others and ourselves, peace will be inevitable.” 

Writing a book allowed Seane to dig in deep, get real and raw. She felt that as a successful, established teacher, it was her responsibility to take a hit for the younger teachers in order to shift the temperature in the spiritual community. By bringing God, social justice and truth into light, she hopes young yoga teachers can find their voice, gain confidence, and recognize the privilege it is to create space and be yourself. She hopes this book will help make an impact in the community – speaking truth will be demanded, students will come to class wanting to reflect on the world and yoga teachers will be called in rather than called out. By digging in deep and getting real and raw about her own story, she hopes other can do the same!

“Empathy is what will change this world and bring this world towards peace.”

Once we recognize there is no separation between us and we do the inner work to love and honor our own journey, we will be able to meet other people where they are at with great dignity and grace. Seane believes that while living life and doing the best she can, it is important to maintain balance with movement, friendships, and time in nature.

Seane has a strong faith in love, compassion and authenticity. She thanks God for the experience to write a book and reflects on how it has informed her sensitivity as a speaker, heal from trauma, and discover the mind-body connection.

We cannot thank Seane enough for sharing her incredible journey with all of us. It was truly incredible to see all of the attendees laugh, cry and listen along with each other as Seane told her remarkably brave story.

If you missed the event, our founder Julie Burton sat down with Seane before the event for a quick message for everyone in our community who couldn’t make it – check it out here!

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