Staying Organized and Less Stressed During The Holidays


The holiday season can be both exciting and stressful. It can be very challenging to balance your workload with gift buying, spending time with family, and hosting and attending various events. Here’s a list of five easy ways to make sure you stay on track and organized during the holidays.

Choose your Priorities

There are so many different events and activities that come up during this time of year, and it’s almost impossible to attend them all. Take time to sit down and plan out which events are your and your family’s top priority and which can be cut. By prioritizing the events you attend, you’ll be that much more attentive and engaged at the “yes” events and not worn out from spreading yourself too thin.

Schedule Downtime 

This can feel almost impossible to do during this time of year when you feel like you’re being pulled in a million different directions. It’s essential to find time for you still, whether this is in a morning workout, walking outside, or reading a book. Taking this time for yourself is not only enjoyable but will help ease your holiday stress and anxiety. 

Start Each Day With Gratitude 

Even before you begin making or tackling your to-do list for the day, make sure to incorporate gratitude into your morning and evening routine. While your list might seem overwhelming at times, check off your completed items with a sense of accomplishment as well as gratitude. Do not let your blessings get buried underneath the seemingly endless number of tasks. And while it might seem as if the world will collapse if every gift is not wrapped perfectly, remember to show compassion and gratitude toward yourself!   

 When you’re at work, focus on work

The holiday season is by far the most distracting time of year. While at work, your mind can easily slip away thinking about holiday errands, gift-giving, hosting family, and so much more. It’s challenging to have your mind in two different directions, especially at work. Be sure to take time outside of work to ensure you’re getting all of your personal priorities done. This way, while you’re working, you’ll be able to be completely present and in the right mindset. Although this may be easier said than done, it could also be helpful to take one day off to use that day to focus on yourself and your errands so you can be your best self at work. 

Stay Present!

My last tip is to live in the moment! The holiday season is meant to be a time for giving thanks and spending time with family and friends. It’s essential to be present in those special moments. By staying organized and on top of all your tasks, you’ll be able to tackle the holiday season.

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