The Power of Women’s Co-Working Year One


Walk into ModernWell on any given day and you are guaranteed to feel something. Some describe that something as an “energy lift” or a “permission to exhale”. Others explain, “I just feel better when I walk into ModernWell.” Members and guests talk about the comfort and warmth of the natural light, the spa-like smell, the creative and inspirational buzz of women talking and laughing, and laptop keys clicking. Some of the women who work at ModernWell have home offices. Some have corporate offices. Each and every member has a kitchen table or a corner nook in their house or apartment where they could work. And yet, they choose to spend their days at a former furniture store off 394 and Penn in Minneapolis.


Over this past year, I have studied the individual and communal “why co-working?” and more specifically “why ModernWell?”. I have asked questions of our members and of myself. And I have realized that the pull that draws hundreds of women to our space is our undeniable need for authentic human connection. Being a part of a space and a community where you are welcomed, celebrated, motivated, and connected to something bigger than yourself is powerful beyond measure. This power is showing up in our members’ levels of productivity, motivation, confidence, focus, and their overall health and wellbeing.

As we wrap up our first year of this amazing journey called ModernWell, I realize that nothing could have prepared me for what this year would be like. I went away on a vacation with my family mid-way through the year and before I left I told myself: “This will be so good to have a break from the grind of running a new business, working 70 hours a week for no pay, and feeling overwhelmed and confused most of the time.”

Yet while I was away, I felt this: “I miss ModernWell. I miss the people, the community, the connections, and being surrounded every day by women who get it.” Yes, of course enjoyed time with my husband and kids, catching up on much needed sleep, and looking at the ocean instead of P and L statements. This break from the day to day operations also crystalized for me that ModernWell is indeed more than a workspace.

ModernWell is a space for women to cultivate the strength and the goodness in themselves and one another.

And this, my friends, cannot happen sitting alone at your kitchen table or at an office where you feel uninspired.

You can scroll through our Instagram or Facebook page and see some of the people whose powerful energy have filled our space over the past year. You will recognize names of best-selling authors, writers, artists, influencers, small and large business owners, executives at Fortune 500 companies, motivational speakers, and leaders in finance, media, marketing, non-profits, and health and wellness. Our members’ combined social media reach is close to 1 million people worldwide. The women of ModernWell are doers, thinkers, dreamers, visionaries, connectors, and creators.

In one year, we have upwards of 50 small businesses running out of ModernWell. Some of these businesses were well established before we opened our doors and others were brainstormed and implemented within our ModernWell walls. Some of these businesses are owned and operated by one woman and some have teams of many. Some are for profit and others are non-profit. All of these businesses have one common thread—ModernWell is the place where the women who run these businesses hunker down, hash out their ideas, ask for help, cocoon away at the quiet table or in the wellness room, hold their meetings, and seek out understanding, support, and motivation from the unstoppable community of women that surrounds them. This kind of community connection does not exist at home or at a coffee shop where it would be very strange for you to approach a person sitting at a nearby table and ask for “another set of eyes” on a press release you just wrote or an idea you just came up with. At ModernWell, this is the norm. This is exactly what we are all about.

In one year, I have seen before my eyes and felt within myself the true value of being a part of our “inspired co-opportunity for women.” Spending time at ModernWell looks different for everyone. Some are running multi-million dollar businesses or taking time away from their offices (home or company) to give themselves space to think outside the box. Some are organizing their emails, figuring out their next move, or staving off feelings of loneliness and isolation. Without a doubt, being in a safe, supportive, and inspired space surrounded by positive energy is a benefit for ALL women. Being surrounded by positive energy on a regular basis is a game-changer. A life-changer. And this is only the beginning for the women of ModernWell! We can hardly wait to see what 2019 will bring!

Thank you for being a part of the ModernWell community up close or from afar! Our gratitude is beyond measure! We wish you all a meaningful holiday season and an outstanding year ahead!


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Hours: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm Monday thru Friday