Wellness Wednesday: Meet Chris Freytag + Get Healthy U TV


We are back with our third edition of Wellness Wednesday on the blog! If you didn’t catch the first few posts, we are highlighting ModernWell members within the wellness industry to give you an inside look at the women that make up our community and share different perspectives on the meaning of wellness.

This week we are featuring Chris Freytag, founder of Get Healthy U. Chris is passionate about helping others learn how to take care of themselves for their long-term health, not to fit into a certain dress size or live up to an ideal painted for us by the media. Enjoy!

First things first – tell us who you are, where you are from, and what it is that you do! 

I am 54 years old, grew up in Wisconsin, married to my husband for 30 years and mom to three kids ages 28, 26 and 23. At a young age, I discovered that movement made me feel good and it’s been a part of my mission for the last 25+ years to help others experience what it means to feel good, be happy and love life. 

Tell us more! How did you enter into the wellness space and was it an industry that you always knew you would work in?  

I am a journalism major who became a certified personal trainer and health coach. I got into fitness part time in the 80’s, made it my full time job in the 90’s, and started making workouts on VHS tapes for other large companies. Long story short, I got involved with TV, home shopping, blogging, wrote a few books and kept making workouts transitioning to DVDs. Then about five years ago, I decided to take my workouts onto a membership streaming platform and Get Healthy U TV was born. We now stream over 250 workouts with a new live workout every Monday morning and five local trainers!

I majored in journalism because I love to write and talk, and fitness was not a career path in 1983. But I quickly discovered that I could make it into more and quit my printing job to pursue fitness full time. As we all get smarter, we know that fitness is really intertwined with nutrition and mental health, hence the wellness space we all know today. I am so passionate about helping women learn to eat healthy, move their bodies to feel good, and try to stay positive as we age.   

What are some of the biggest misconceptions in the wellness industry that you want to debunk?

With the internet being our source of news, the biggest misconception is that what you read is true!  Half of the health and nutrition advice you read may not be true or even have research to support it. I think you have to find the sources you trust to really better understand your health and wellness. I want to help women understand that being healthy can be simple and fun. And – that it’s also ok to not be perfect. As our lives change, as our bodies age, our definition of wellness changes, too. 

What does wellness mean to you? 

Wellness to me means a sound mind and body. Feeling happy and safe. Feeling, strong, capable and in control. Feeling whole and loved. Education is such a big part of it – understanding how to eat, how to think, and how to move your body in ways that support you for years to come is the key.

How does ModernWell help you in your wellness journey?  

I love ModernWell. Being friends with Julie for years, I heard about her dream as it developed and came to life. As soon as my office lease was up, my team moved to co-working at ModernWell! We love the physical and mental environment ModernWell provides our team. The physical space is beautiful and comfortable. The women who belong there are interesting, friendly and supportive. The energy is positive and nurturing. I love coming to work everyday and the vibe of Modernwell!

What’s your guilty pleasure?! 

My guilty pleasure… SWEETS ~ I love ice cream, cookies, desserts. Nobody believes me because I teach healthy eating, but everything in moderation! And I don’t eat processed sweets – I go for the real stuff! I don’t deprive myself – I just do little tastes. BUT if there is a real ice cream store around, double dip please!


Want to learn more about Chris and Get Healthy U? 

Website:               Instagram: @chrisfreytag

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