What Are We Listening To? Our Top Podcasts for Every Woman

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Whether you’re driving to work, lounging around the house, working out, or just needing a little background noise, podcasts are the perfect partner to life’s daily routines. The best part? They are a wealth of free content, ready for you at the touch of your fingertips. Whether you are looking for an opportunity to grow within a certain area of your life (think career, health, personal development, etc.) or wanting some entertainment on your morning commute, there is a podcast for you. But with over 750,000 podcast shows and 30 million episodes available to consumers, it can be hard to know where to start or what to look for. Lucky for you, I’ve asked the ModernWell team to send their favorite shows to get your started (or discover something new)! And because we all have our own unique interests, there is bound to be one that grabs your attention. Happy listening!

Julie – Founder 

Be All Means podcast with Allison Kaplan of Twin Cities Business Journal – Ali is a fantastic interviewer and I love hearing the inspiring stories of all of the MN-based business owners and their successes and challenges they have experienced in building their companies.

Next Question with Katie Couric – because…well, Katie Couric. I just started listening to this one and Katie had me at her recent episode, “Is ageism getting old?”. I find her relatable, authentic, and unafraid of tackling tough questions.

Laura – Director of Community Experience 

Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum – I grew up watching Smallville and developed a huge crush on… basically every actor on that show, and Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) is no exception. When I learned that he came out with a podcast and had interviewed another Smallville alum, I had to check it out! I was immediately hooked and pleasantly surprised by Michael’s interviewing skills and have continued to follow his podcast as he interviews other actors, musicians, directors, etc. I’m constantly fascinated listening as these celebrities open up about their flaws, their insecurities, their childhoods and everything going on behind the scenes of their lives. It’s a raw and honest look into people and what makes us all human. 

Chelsey – Director of Operations 

Hurdle with Emily Abbate as a runner, I am always looking for podcasts that will keep me engaged and motivated during those long workouts. Hurdle host Emily Abbate’s down-to-earth yet passionate personality brings out the best in every guest and never fails to inspire listeners with her interviews. Most of her guests fall within the health and wellness industry, but her interviews dig so much deeper than that, leaving listeners with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for their day. 

Rise Podcast with Rachel Hollis – alright, if you haven’t heard of Rachel Hollis by now – you need to! This superwoman went from event planner to cookbook author to New York Times bestselling author of Girl, Wash Your Face to owning a multimillion dollar company while traveling the world as a top motivational speaker and podcast host. Her go-getter personality and passionate work style is so evident in each episode and her interviews are REAL. Rachel has a true gift for bringing out the best in everyone and discussing important topics that can sometimes feel uncomfortable. 

Bre – Member Services Coordinator  

This Sounds Serious: The Case of Daniel Bronstadt Intrigued by 9-1-1 calls, reporter Gwen Radford (Minnesota native) tracks down the caller of one of the most compelling, yet confusing 9-1-1 calls to date.  This mockumentary dives into the lives of twins Chuck and Daniel Bronstadt after Chuck’s mysterious death drowning in his waterbed. This Sounds Serious is the perfect pairing of true crime and comedy giving true crime fans a lighter option in their podcast rotation.

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text -This podcast is for the Harry Potter fanatic! Harry Potter and the Sacred Text allows listeners (and readers) to revisit the story that they love with a different perspective. Each episode focuses on one chapter. That chapter is reread and discussed around an underlying theme, ranging from friendship to vulnerability, to race and privilege. A mix of storytelling and analysis relatable to life, this is a must listen for any Harry Potter fan.   

Maya – Social Media Intern  

The Skinny Confidential Him and Her Show with Lauryn and Michael Bosstick – This podcast brings in entrepreneurs, lifestyle bloggers, influencers, and business partners to provide tips and tricks on becoming the best version of yourself. I love this podcast because each episode is so unique and the advice and stories given are inspiring and motivating (Chelsey is also a fan)! 

The Happiness Lab with Dr Laurie Santos – This podcast talks about happiness through scientific research and altering the way that you think about happiness within your personal life. Perfect for anyone wanting to learn more about true happiness, how to be happy, and the science behind it. 

Mikaela – Member Services Coordinator  

How I Built This with Guy Raz – I love hearing the successes, failures and opportunities entrepreneurs learned along the way of building a business. It’s amazing to listen to all the stories, words of wisdom, and experiences of successful business founders/owners. I’d highly recommend this channel to anyone – it’s encouraging, engaging, and fun (Julie is also a big fan)!

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