What is the “Well” in ModernWell?

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It used to be one or the other. Choosing between becoming an employee working 9-5 in an office or moving toward entrepreneurship and working in solidarity at a neighborhood coffee shop. Depending on the type of professional you are, a lot of women can’t fit into these two cookie cutter options.

But that was before.

Co-working spaces have begun popping up all over the country but for a lot of us, they still don’t fit the bill. Limited parking options. Too many members. A very specific demographic that doesn’t seem to include you. A “work, work, work” mantra that doesn’t feel quite right.

Before co-working, there was the “home office” or rather… work from the couch, kitchen table, coffee shop… anywhere you can find a spare moment. It’s easy to fall into two categories when you work from home— either you work all the time and never log off or you have a harder time starting and keeping momentum when you’re working amongst housework and chores that need attention.

Julie Burton saw a need and that’s where ModernWell came to life— a co-working space with benefits. Rather than just a co-working space to plug-in and send some emails, ModernWell is a co-opportunity centered around women’s needs— a warm, comfortable and inviting space that encourages creativity! ModernWell provides a safe space for women to achieve personal and professional success.

The “Well” in ModernWell can mean so many things. This space is something different to each member. So what does “Well” mean to us?

To us, “Well” also means leading by example. We believe in work life balance. That’s why you won’t find anyone working here at 2:00am. Or on a Saturday! 2:00am is for sleeping. Saturday is for unplugging and recharging. Personal and professional balance can only be achieved when you make it a priority and we want our members to incorporate that lifestyle.

ModernWell is more than just a space to work on your goals without distractions from a traditional office or working from home. It’s a community that celebrates and supports its members during their journey to live the life that aspire to create.

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Hours: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday / 10 – 4 Sunday

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