Woman Crush Wednesday: Helping Women Say Yes to Their Dreams with Bri Seeley


Helping Women Say Yes to Their Dreams

Is your current vocation feeling out of alignment?


Is life calling for you to be more in the world?


If so, what’s holding you back?


For many women, the biggest factor keeping them from saying yes to their dreams is fear of the unknown, according to Bri Seeley, life coach, podcast host, speaker, and author of Permission to Leap: The Six-Phase Journey to Bring Your Vision to Life. You also might have seen her on NBC’s The TODAY Show, Forbes, Thrive Global, Inc. Online, Medium, New Day Northwest, PBS, and Huffington Post.


“I’ve seen woman after woman in my life refusing to say yes to that deeper vision inside of her … so terrified of the unknown, not knowing what would happen between saying yes to this leap and landing on the other side of it all, that she wasn’t able to commit to it in the first place,” Seeley says.


“A lot of people think that leaps are these massive, monumentous things,” Seeley said during a recent interview with Molly Fay and Tiffany Ogle on The Morning Blend television talk show.  “Instead, commit and take two steps today that get you a little closer.”


Seeley knows how scary change can be. She understands from personal experience how daunting it can be to not know where to start.


In 2014, she gave up an award-winning, celebrity-studded career as a fashion designer. It was a path she had dreamed about from the time her Grandma first taught her how to sew at the age of 5. It was the status she’d hoped for after earning her Master’s degree in Italy and going to Los Angeles to launch her own brand.


Everything on the outside looked amazing. But on the inside, life had stopped feeling good.


“I would come home each day and feel like I had beaten my head against a brick wall and gotten nowhere,” Seeley said.


And then, during a meditation session, she received a clear, unmistakable message: “Stop. This is not the path. Walk away.”


“When stuff comes to me that way in meditation, then I don’t question it. Because I had been feeling off for so long, I was like Whoa, Ok. Thank God. This is permission to try something new.”


Four days later, she shut down her fashion brand to begin figuring out what that something could be.


“A lot of really serendipitous things then started to happen. I realized I had a bunch of emails during the past year from people asking me how I had created my own fashion business, asking me if I would mentor them. At the time, my response was, ‘Oh I don’t do that. I’m a fashion designer. Good Luck.’ But people kept asking. Finally, I wondered, well, maybe this is the Universe tapping me on the shoulder.”


Seeley began to pursue her new vocation “one breadcrumb at a time” as a life coach, helping other women turn nudges and whispers within them into realities. And now, a born catalyst, she works with a wide range of clients including high-level visionaries with massive ideas as well as those who know they want something more but don’t know exactly what that looks like.


“My job is to help each individual woman find what her truth is and unapologetically stand in that truth while creating a life that aligns with it,” Seeley said.


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