Can my clients/colleagues visit me at ModernWell?

This is your workspace, and we understand that you may need to meet with colleagues or clients. ModernWell members’ clients are always welcome to meet with you during co-working hours. If you find that you have a colleague or friend who needs to use the space more than twice per month, a ModernWell membership would be the best option for them! We ask that all visitors sign in at the front desk when they arrive.

Are men welcome at ModernWell?

Yes! While ModernWell is women-centered, all gender identities and expressions are welcome here!

What if I need to have a private meeting and I’m on a Community Space Full or Community Space Four membership?

We have you covered. Our Community Space membership includes 4 hours of consult room credit per month as well as 4 hours of conference room credit per month. Our Community Space Four membership includes 2 hours of consult room credit per month and 2 hours of conference room credit per month. If additional hours are needed, members are able to pay a discounted hourly rate (rates outlined in next question).

What are your conference and consult room rates for members ?

Members receive an allotment of conference and consult room credit (see membership). Additional consult room hours are invoiced at $10/hour and conference room hours are invoiced at $50/hour.

How many people can your conference room hold? Do you have AV equipment?

We have two large conference/meeting rooms. Our main level conference room, with floor to ceiling windows, comfortably seats 15 people around the table and there is room for additional chairs on the periphery if needed. Our lower level studio seats 25 around multi-use tables that can be configured to your specifications. The room can be set up classroom-style for video presentations or panel discussions with tables removed and seating for up to 30. The room is equipped with a Smart TV / Apple TV and a whiteboard, so all you have to do is connect your device to the TV for full audio + visual access! As an add-on, we also have the Meeting Owl Pro available to make your hybrid meeting experience seamless!

How many people can your consult rooms hold?

Both the Walker (Alice) and Woolf (Virginia) consult rooms include a table and two chairs. The Wilder (Laura Ingalls) room includes a table and four chairs.

Do you offer private offices at ModernWell?

Yes, we have a limited number of private offices for individuals and small teams starting at $850/month. Please email us at hello@modernwell.com to inquire about availability and pricing.

Do you offer desks at ModernWell?

Yes, we have a limited number of designated desks for individuals and small teams starting at $375/mo. Please email us at hello@modernwell.com to inquire about availability and pricing.

 Can I write off the ModernWell fee on my taxes?

Yes, the cost of using a co-working space is tax deductible! It counts as renting office space, and can include your ModernWell membership fee and consult or conference room rental fees. (Consult with an accountant with specific questions.)

Do you offer printing/copying/scanning services at ModernWell?

Yes! As a member, you have access to the ModernWell printing and scanning equipment. Once we get you set up, all you have to do is connect the ModernWell wifi network and connect to the printer to take advantage of its many functions.

Where do I park?

We have on-site parking and surrounding street parking that is free and easy to access. Cedar Lake Rd. S. to the south and S. Xerxes Ave to the west of ModernWell are convenient options. Parking is not allowed on S. Wayzata Blvd in the front of the building.

Can I be on the phone at ModernWell?

You are welcome to make phone calls in the open community space. We do ask that you speak at a respectful volume and refrain from using your speakerphone. When holding your video conferencing or Zoom calls, we ask that you utilize headphones or please reserve one of the consult rooms or conference rooms. If you are noise sensitive and prefer to work in a quiet space, we also offer a no talking, no cell phone seating area that is perfect for distraction-free work time!

Are you interested in partnering with local companies?

Yes! ModernWell takes great pride in new partnerships, both local and national! If you would like to discuss options for partnerships, sponsorship or event collaboration, please send an email to hello@modernwell.co and one of our team members will be in touch.

Can I host paid workshops out of ModernWell?

ModernWell is happy to co-host your workshop or event that is in line with our mission and values. To host a ticketed event or workshop out of ModernWell, simply submit a request for workshop hosting to hello@modernwell.co. Upon approval, ModernWell will create a shareable ticketing link and partner with you on the promotion of the event. 

What types of members or companies are currently in your space?

Our members are a diverse and creative bunch of individuals! Our space is home to life coaches, photographers, lawyers, consultants, nutritionists, talent agents, writers, bankers, financial advisors, small business owners, CEO’s, and artists. And some members are in transition and utilize the space to map out their next move. We welcome you wherever you are at in your personal and professional journey. 

Can I bring my child to ModernWell?

While we understand the importance of family, our mission is to provide a calm and productive workspace for our members to thrive. In order to deliver on this mission, we ask that children under the age of 18 do not accompany you. If you are in need of accommodations to this policy please reach out to us at hello@modernwell.com.

Can I bring my pet to ModernWell?

Out of respect for all of our members and guests who have allergies, pets of any kind are not allowed at ModernWell. Service animals are allowed in accordance with ADA regulations.

Do you offer month-to-month memberships?

Our membership options include your choice of month-to-month or 12 month commitment. All membership options receive the same member benefits, but our 12 month option is the best bang for your buck!

Can I pause my membership?

Yes! We know life gets busy, so we offer our members the option to pause their memberships. Members are able to pause their membership for two months when on a 12 month membership, and their dues will not pull for those months. There is no fee for placing a membership on pause.

Do you offer co-working day passes?

We do offer day passes for $40/day. You can purchase one here.

When can I access the co-working space? 

ModernWell is staffed and open Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00pm.

Is ModernWell a good co-working space for startups?

Starting a company can be daunting on many levels, but being in a space where you are surrounded by other entrepreneurs can make all the difference in the world! At ModernWell, you will have direct access to (as in across the room) to people who can help you navigate the start-up process and take your business to the next level. Whether you need assistance with marketing, social media, strategic planning and development, or a business coach/circle to help you steer your start-up ship, you will have to look no further than the ModernWell community! You have access to the hundreds of ModernWell members through our on-line membership portal, private Facebook group, and also the impromptu, but often constructive meeting at the water cooler.

Can I get mail service at ModernWell?

Yes, our members can utilize the ModernWell address to receive their mail at ModernWell. Mail is kept in a locked file cabinet and members are regularly notified when they receive mail.

2909 South Wayzata Boulevard,
Minneapolis, MN 55405

hello@modernwell.co 763-999-7920

Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday thru Friday