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1/23 Cocktails and Conversation – Her Next Chapter: Women Reinventing Their Careers and Lives

Whether you are thinking about changing some things up in your career, recently made a change and want to share your story, or just wanting to listen and hang out with amazing women, this event is for you! Join us on January 23rd, for Cocktails and Conversation –  Her Next Chapter: Women Reinventing Their Careers and Lives brought to you by stephpierce.com.

We are bringing together three incredible women to share their stories of change: career changes, life changes, and the steps they took to make the changes happen! With each bringing their own unique stories and experiences to the table across a diverse group of industries, it is bound to be an unforgettable discussion. Panelists include: 

  • Naamua Sullivan – Communications Lead and Fashion Blogger
  • Paula Doroff  – CPC, CIMA, Speaker and Life Design Strategist, Paula Doroff Co.
  • Carly Broderick – Chief Operating Officer, The Stable 


6:30 – 7pm – Happy Hour

7 – 8pm – Panel 

8 – 8:30pm Mingle/Networking

Wine, appetizers and conversation provided – we can’t wait to see you! Sign up here through Eventbrite

About Carly Broderick – Carly is the COO of The Stable, a consumer brand agency representing world-class brands across all channels of commerce. Known for creative yet practical solutions to consumer and brand pain points, Carly connects strategy to pragmatic action to deliver impactful results. Carly has built her own consulting practice working with consumer-facing brands; run multi billion dollar businesses at Target; created marketing strategies at Universal Studios and produced events in L.A. for Marv Griffin Productions.

About Naamua Sullivan – Naamua is a Communications Director and mother of two boys ages five and seven living in the western suburbs of Minneapolis. Prior to moving to Minnesota, Naaumua enjoyed ten years as a CNN/NBC/Fox reporter covering everything from Barack Obama’s election to Bono’s conscious clothing collection, and all the stories in between. Calling on her belief that everyone deserves to feel fabulous, no matter how hectic the days may be, Naamua created her blog, “Never too busy for style”. Her site is for people with full lives who want to have more fun, be more informed, and feel more beautiful/inspired/empowered through stories. Her goal? Keep it Quick. Keep it Easy. Keep it Stylish!

About Paula Doroff – Paula has over two decades of experience climbing her way up the corporate ladder to becoming Vice President of Investments at some of the most prominent financial firms in the world, including Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and BlackRock – a tough ask considering she came to the United States as an adult without speaking a word of English.  

During her career in Financial Services Paula earned her Certified Financial Planner Certification as well as her Certified Investment Analyst designation with coursework through the Wharton School of Business. 

This past June, Paula made the courageous decision to step down from her very successful career on Wall Street to dedicate the rest of her life to fulfill her calling in life to become a speaker and a coach to inspire, support and connect individuals from all walks of life so they can own their truth, live a life of purpose, fulfillment and authenticity. In 2017, she established a new initiative at BlackRock called BlackRock Gives leading groups of people on mission trips to Mexico to build homes to families living under tarp and plywood. This year alone she has led six mission trips with over 140 volunteers joining her efforts.

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