1/26 – The BWC Presents: Growing Your Positive Intelligence: How to Live into Your Unique Potential

Do you ever feel stuck in habits and patterns that are no longer serving you?

Do you wonder what it would be like to live into your potential fully?


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The past 2+ years has brought into sharp relief the gaps and pressure points in us as individuals, as well as our teams, processes, and systems, and now we are being called to face and address them in new ways. And we all already have natural resilience to tap into – in fact this is the key to our growth, development, and success. The potential is waiting inside each of us!

In this session with Dr. Caroline Cochran, PCC we will explore together the powerful tenets of Positive Intelligence, a program created by Shirzad Chamine and specifically designed to provide practical tools and resources for accessing our true selves, filled with wisdom, clarity, resilience, and power. You will learn how you are holding yourself back and what it means to grow your positive intelligence, harness your power, and maximize your impact


Caroline Cochran is a Leadership Development Coach and Consultant and founder of TransformAble Coaching and Consulting LLC located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Caroline has spent nearly 30 years consulting with both private- and public-sector organizations and has extensive expertise in assessment design, implementation and validation, leadership development, competency modeling and 360° feedback.

Caroline’s approach is grounded in the belief that when we access inner presence and resilience, cultivate awareness, nurture self-compassion, and make intentional choices, we embody an infinitely more powerful type of leadership. Leadership that is a true game changer. This is what Caroline calls leading from the inside out.

This leadership goes beyond the organizational role we hold, we can lead from the inside out in any role and any situation. It is the key to navigating uncertainty and complexity while maximizing impact.

TransformAble’s offerings are designed specifically for women to ignite and fuel transformation by unlocking their potential. This is how she partners with clients to bridge the gap between their current reality and where they aspire to be, creating their own unique and powerful ripple effect.

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