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1/30/20 : 80/20 Book Marketing with Roseanne and Josie

Congratulations, you wrote a book! Now the real work comes – getting that book into the hands of readers! At Evergreen Authors, we are passionate about helping authors reach their audience in a way that is authentic and sustainable to them. Essential to that work is the 80/20 rule: letting your branded content be helpful and lead people and opportunities to you organically. This workshop is perfect for authors and entrepreneurs who want to create a workable and enjoyable marketing plan for 2020.

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Roseanne Cheng is the author of four books and former Marketing Director at Wise Ink Creative Publishing. Josie Robinson is the bestselling author of two books and has helped hundreds of authors meet their book marketing goals.Together, they are cofounders of Evergreen Authors,  an online school teaching writers the craft of getting their work out into the world. They have published six books between the two of them, including Buzz: The Ultimate Guide to Book Marketing, and have worked with hundreds of authors to help them achieve bestseller status and find a careers as writers and entrepreneurs. 


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