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1/9/20 Crack the Sea Turn Your Secrets into Fiction and Set Yourself Free with Jessica Lourey

Join bestselling author, teacher, and TEDx presenter Jess Lourey to learn how to turn your experiences into healing fiction, followed by a wine and cheese reception celebrating the release of Unspeakable Things, her fictional retelling of growing up in a small Minnesota town where nothing is as quiet—or as safe—as it seems.
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The one-hour workshop will be hands on, so bring something to write with. Jess will share her own experiences of turning life into fiction as well as offer a 7-step method for you to do the same. According to Jess, “many of us carry family secrets and personal shame, believing either that we’re the only ones or that the cost of telling our story is too high. It’s like we’re locked in this frozen sea, trapped by the truths we don’t speak. Fiction provides an out. It allows us to release our secrets without anyone knowing. Not only is the process healing and the source of powerful fiction, it improves the world: once we break free of the frozen sea, cracks start feathering out, making it easier for others to do the same.”

The one-hour workshop will be followed by a brief Q & A about Unspeakable Things, then all participants are invited to join us for a wine and cheese reception celebrating the release of the book. Jess will be signing copies. 

Note: All tickets include a copy of Jessica’s book!

Learn more about Jessica on her site: www.jessicalourey.com

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