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11/5 How to Manage the Constant Buzz . . of life.

* Does it stress you out to have your phone buzzing with your personal stuff while you are trying to get work done?
* Do you feel overwhelmed with all of the home/kids scheduling and managing you have to take care of every day while trying to work?
* Do you feel like you are shortchanging both your professional relationships AND your personal relationships because of everything you have to do?
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I believe we have far more control of our busy schedules, tight budgets and overwhelmed mindset than we think. In my workshops you hear stories of both client and personal successes that show you exactly how a few simple changes will make a HUGE positive difference in not just your productivity but  more importantly, your mental stamina and well being!
After 90 fun minutes with me I promise you will feel so much more in control of your time rather than feeling chaotic and overwhelmed and reactive all day long!
You will walk away from this workshop with practical, real life strategies that you can implement immediately!
You will learn how to:
* Be more productive at work while also tending to important personal matters in a timely fashion
* Gain the confidence and ability to stop your phone (text/email) interruptions all day long!
* Confidently and thoughtfully disengage with needy people in your life so they stop   *Calling/texting/emailing you as often during the day and at night!
* Get more done in less time!
* Be proactive with your time and energy rather than reactive all day long
get better sleep every single night (you get 5 killer tips on making this happen!)
Buzz of Work is all about managing your work responsibilities- emails, texts, phone calls and social media at all hours of the day and night.
Buzz of Life  is all about managing your personal responsibilities- emails, texts, phone calls as well as social media during your busy days and evenings.
You can take one or both of these workshops.  They both deal with the stress of managing our phones at work and at home.
There is some overlap in the content yet the focus will be different.
About Kathy: With over 28 years of professional experience working in both corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, Kathy understands first hand how challenging work/life can be. Her talks are filled with stories, insights and practical advice because she wants everyone to know they aren’t alone in their struggles to figure out how to deal with everything coming at you. Kathy teaches you how to feel better and be better at work and at home. Tough love, no bullshit. Emphasis on the love.

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