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2/10 Writing Through Grief w/ Roxanne Sadovsky

There’s no way around grief, but the more we avoid it, the more it drains creative and vital energy. When we write through grief together in community, we heal individually and collectively by recognizing we all share similar stories and feelings.

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Along our writing journey, we find a safe place to witness the unique struggles, joys, memories, pain, loss, dreams, hopes, and fear in ourselves and others; we take our time to listen deeply and mindfully to ourselves on the page and in the pages reflected in the writing of others.  By discovering, sharing, and releasing these common stories, we begin to let go of what needs to go, integrate what needs to be realized, and embrace (return to) the wholeness of life that is always here for us.

Roxanne Sadovsky, Writing with Rox, MA, MFA is a Twin Cities freelance writer, teacher, and therapist. She earned her masters degree in counseling psychology from Antioch University Seattle (1998) and a master of fine arts degree in creative nonfiction from The University of Minnesota (2004). Roxanne teaches Intuitive Writing and The Healing Memoir at the Loft Literary Center; her private healing practice (Writing with Rox) offers ongoing integrative workshops, healing groups, Wild Woman writing retreats/groups, private sessions, and classes in creative expression (memoir/intuitive writing/therapy) in a safe, supportive community. She has written for Minneapolis St Paul Magazine, Minnesota Monthly, The Minnesota Daily, Seattle Magazine, The Seattle Times, The Edge, and many more. She writes almost every day with others in her Minneapolis home studio and is infinitely grateful to call this her life.

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