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2/6 Choose You! Make 2020 Your Year of Radical Self-Care

Are you stressed? Burnt out? Too busy to take care of yourself? Or know deep down that you haven’t been listening to your body? Join Ivy Kaminsky of Find Your Power as she shares experience and wisdom from her own transformational journey of self-love, along with useful practices for self-care.

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Ivy will teach you her top five recommended self-care practices, and share her daily routine. She will also lead you through thought provoking activities and help you create a personal wellness plan, which she knows when incorporated into your life, is the best foundation for self-love.
Bio: Ivy Kaminsky is the founder of Find Your Power, a nonprofit that connects women with resources, opportunity, and each other. Ivy has a master’s degree in Development Studies from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban, South Africa, and is passionate about all things women’s empowerment. She loves to use her strengths as a connector, realtor, motivator, and curator (input). When she is not leading her team of interns, or caring for her 8 year old son, you can likely find Ivy reading, reading Tarot cards, recharging at the gym in a step class, or hanging out with her large support network of amazing friends.

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