2/6 – Love Voice Rising Workshop with Michelle Marie

Expanding love in the month of love
Imagine having the ability to lead a love-focused life beyond Valentine’s Day. Imagine expanding what love means to you. Imagine the voice of love whispering loud enough that you feel empowered to lead the love filled life you desire rather than life leading you.

Come play with me in the field of love that is expanded beyond the romantic love of Valentine’s Day. A place where you can discover how your thoughts, feelings and behaviors determine your relationship with love. Begin to understand how the power of love can support you in your journey of life.
We will unfold the richness of our time together through heart resonance, discussion, contemplations, and practices that will open our hearts, expand our minds and elevate love as a power that connects us more deeply to our Personal Heart Power.
The intention is to have you to become more aware of your relationship to love. With this awareness, you can infuse an expanded version and understanding of how the various types of love are playing out in your life and celebrate it.
Join Michelle Marie Grabanski Pohlad as she guides us in a practice of discovery and introduces us to our Love Voice Rising.

Michelle Marie Grabanski Pohlad is a dynamic transformational visionary who is most invigorated when guiding people to reach their fullest potential for a love-focused life. Her formal education, combined with decades of experience in management, philanthropy, training, facilitation, speaking, and program implementation, has allowed her to work in a variety of capacities. Michelle’s circuitous journey eventually connected as she became a co-author of Personal Heart Power and creator of Love Voice Rising. She wants to do her part to transform our world into one that is rooted in love. To learn more, visit  www.LoveVoiceRising.com or www.PersonalHeartPower.com


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