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9/11 & 9/25 Get SEO-Savvy & Make Google Fall in Love with Your Website

If you want to become more visible on Google search and learn how to do keyword research to identify YOUR target keywords, this is the workshop for you!

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This 2-day, 6-hour SEO training is full of rich information and, more importantly, hands-on application. 

This workshop’s intention is for you to learn and apply in the moment. If you have questions, you’re free to ask them! Our experienced SEO coach, Julia Gordeeva, is here to help.

Who This Workshop Is For:

This specialized, one-of-a-kind SEO workshop is designed for Minneapolis/St. Paul business owners who have been serving the community for three or more years. 

This SEO training is right for you if SEO just doesn’t make sense to you. 

If you feel like you’re choosing keywords blindfolded or by instinct alone, trust me, you will feel relief, confidence, and control after learning the method we teach in this class. 

We’ll even help you choose keywords for a real landing page, so make sure to have one in mind when you come to the training! 

Beyond that, you’ll learn how to optimize your content—a crucial aspect of digital marketing. This will ensure that the work you’re putting into content creation is actually performing for you and getting the results you want.


The Schedule:

Day 1, 4-hour training: Effective Keyword Research for SEO. September 11th @12 pm at ModernWell.

Day 2, 2-hour training: Strategic Optimization of Digital Content. September 25th @12 pm at ModernWell

Learn more about what you will learn here

Our signature TRUTH BOMB SEO trainings are intended for business owners who are new to SEO or those with limited SEO knowledge. 

If you want hands-on experience applying your newfound SEO knowledge in a workshop environment and guidance that is free from up-sells and fluff, then we invite you to attend. 

Julia Gordeeva will help you understand the basics of search engine optimization and how to apply them to your website.

Upcoming Events

2909 South Wayzata Boulevard, Minneapolis, MN 55405


Hours: 7 – 6 Monday thru Friday / 10 – 4 Sunday

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