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10/28 – 11/18 A wildly fun live storytelling workshop {for Grades 5-8}

The Wildling workshop is dedicated to developing young storytellers—a vehicle for generating their powerful words and bringing them to a wider audience. We ask the world to “listen up” to these brave middle schoolers as they craft and share their compelling stories and diverse experiences.

Sunday afternoons, from 3:30 – 5:30 p.m. The series will finish with a Story Jam on November 18th. Participants get to invite parents and special guests to attend. Register your kids to come jam with us!

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The Wildling story coaches, including veteran writers and educators Megan Kaplan, Kristin Nilsen, and Mekea Duffy, will guide your budding storyteller through the process of discovering and sharing personal stories and point-of-view pieces, while listening powerfully to their peers. The imperfectly-perfect work of this unique band of Wildlings will culminate in a StoryJam, a special live spoken word gathering hosted by ModernWell on the final evening of class.

Our Mission: To inspire the courage and confidence in young people to share their stories and listen with an open heart. To plant the seed for finding themselves and their voices in a noisy world. To share what they have to say with pride and presence. To empower the lion’s roar they all have inside. To craft stories that will bare the depths, beauty, and brightness of their beings. To pull their heads up from their phones so they can face themselves and each other. To spark the fire, raise the bar, and open up a field of creative curiosity where words can pour out into the landscape.

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Hours: 7 – 7 Monday thru Thursday / 7 - 6 Friday / 10 – 4 Sunday

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