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Feel Fabulous About Yourself After Divorce Workshop with Fabiana

There are a lot of workshops out there to support women going through divorce in the areas of Financial, Legal, Real Estate, Child custody, but not a lot to help them heal and work with their own hurt, helping them feel fabulous about themselves after one of the hardest moments of a woman’s life. That situation is over!

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Now you have access to the workshop FEEL FABULOUS ABOUT YOURSELF AFTER DIVORCE, where you work for your own wellbeing during 4 different sessions. It’s a small group that becomes a safe space for your learning experience. Fabiana is bringing to this workshop, not only her personal experience of coming out super positive after a very hard divorce, but also her known positive energy, and Life Coaching techniques to help this group of women to really Feel Fabulous About themselves after the end of the 4 sessions!

This workshop is for you if:

You are going through a divorce right now, you’ve been recently divorced, or you have been divorced for some time, but still feel you haven’t healed, AND…

What you will take away from this Workshop:


Fri 11/1 11am- 1pm

Fri 11/15 11am-1pm

Fri 11/8 11am-1pm

Fri 11/22 11am-1pm

You will leave after the 4 sessions ready to feel fabulous and move on with your life!

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