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Our Mission

What happens when dozens of inspirational women gather to work, create, connect, and renew?

We call it ModernWell Magic. ModernWell was born out of a need for women to have a place to call their own—a bright, warm, comfortable space where catering to women’s needs is the number one priority, and where women are inspired to unleash their creativity and empowered to achieve personal and professional success. Founder Julie Burton, an author, freelance writer, and fitness and wellness advocate, yearned for a space like this as she juggled work and raising her four children. She says that ModernWell has been a lifetime in the making but the spark was ignited by witnessing the power of women supporting women that occurred within the Twin Cities Writing Studio she co-founded in 2015. Julie’s vision became clearer as she conceived ModernWell to be an inspirational workspace, with both private and communal options, yoga and meditation classes, coffee, tea, and healthy food, a relaxation/nap room, and ongoing enrichment and community engagement opportunities. ModernWell is more than a workspace, it is a community where women will be celebrated and supported both professionally and personally. A place for women to grow individually and collectively, encouraging members to live the life they aspire to live. ModernWell fosters a kind and inclusive community, is unaffiliated with any religion or political party, and welcomes all who believe in the power of women supporting women.

Meet the founder

Julie Burton has spent the past two decades working as a fitness instructor, freelance writer, author, self-care expert, and teacher while mothering her four children alongside her husband of 25 years. Co-founding the Twin Cities Writing Studio in 2015 and publishing The Self-Care Solution: A Modern Mother’s Guide to Health and Well-Being in 2016, Julie’s life transformed. Experiencing firsthand the true power of women supporting women, Julie combined her passion and creative energy and founded ModernWell, the first co-working space for women in Minneapolis, where women are empowered to connect with themselves and each other through work, wellness, and creativity.

2909 South Wayzata Boulevard, Minneapolis, MN 55405


Hours: 7 – 6 Monday thru Friday / 10 – 4 Sunday

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